Bah, Humbug!

Bah, Humbug! - Heather Horrocks Who reads a Christmas love story in summer?


Nice and enjoyable Amazon freebie. It's a dreamy "hallmark-ish" love story. Although the fact that they fall in love in a matter of days was too much for me. I'm a hopeless romantic but I would've liked for them to have at least a date. Yes they spend a whole holliday together but not as a couple. I wouldn't have minded a little more romance between, not sex but a little more spark than family ties between them. It's romantic that they knew they were made for each other right away, but it just felt too right away...too perfect.
The cover didn't blow me away, would've preferred a snowman on it instead of the cookie, something more relatable to the story.

Anyway, I have the whole summer to wonder and imagine what became of Lexi and Kyle...and I can't wait for this year's Christmas, who knows, maybe I can have a love story like Lexi's! Ha!