Taking Heart

Taking Heart - Wilette Youkey,  June Gray I don't usually give a book five stars but this one I had to.
My review is not from a writer's point of view, I'm a plain jane reader and I'm not taking into consideration the writing style and all those things people analyze when reviewing books and authors.
I gave this book 5 stars for the sole fact that I read it from beginning to end in one day. I started it and couldn't stop reading it. The story captivated me.
The reasons I list below are spoilers, so if you want to be captivated like I was, skip them and know that at least for me, this was a great love story.

I mourned with Ren, Ben's tragic death. I felt butterflies in my stomach when she met Eric. I suffered the packing of Ben's apartment. I went into denial with Ren when she chose to hide Ben's memory in the drawer of her nightstand. I fell in love with Eric (that flying out only to "fix her table" detail OMG) and loved how he found his place in the world (any single Erics out there, contact me! he he ). I enjoyed the conversations with the sisters, nosy and lovable. I felt the nervousness of going on dates to try to figure things out. I hated Karen ha ha ha and knew she was going to get her heart broken again.
I wanted to run into the cornfield to console Ren (powerful moment, she finally let go of everything she was holding up inside her). I wanted to be at that thanksgiving table in Eric's apartment.

I read the last line and smiled.

Like I said, this is a great readable love story, modern, entertaining and heart warming. Just what the hopeless romantic in me needed to read. :)

p.s. the kindle cover is lovely too. After reading the book I get it. It fits perfectly to the story.