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Beautiful Creatures  - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia, Kevin T. Collins

Talk about low self esteem. I hope she turns out to be some sort of bad ass supernatural creature because if she stays like this for the rest of the book it's going to be boring.


Question: Why aren't they freaked out and act as if the fact that they share the same dreams is so natural and normal? At least that's how the guy reading the book sounds.


I know it's YA and immediate attraction is a must in these books but what's with "We're in this together" deal? They just met but she's supposed to immediately become bird of a feather with this guy only because they have weird dreams? Is he really expecting her to say "ok, let's be in this together, I don't know you but since you say so, let's be inseparable from now on"???


Oh well...I'll keep calm and keep on reading listening. :)