What Nora Knew by Linda Yellin

What Nora Knew - Linda Yellin


I wanted to like this book a lot. I mean if you check out Linda Yellin’s website or Facebook posts you’d think this book would be charming, romantic, witty, fun and full of those chick lit-ish details every chick lit reader loves.


Sadly for me this book didn’t have all that. It was only an OK read.


Let me start with the beginning of course. Chapter one: 41 pages. An introduction a little too long for my taste. We meet Molly. I couldn’t immediately click with her as I am not in her situation and she seemed to be suffering of a big post-divorce depression. Forty more pages ahead and it still felt like an introduction. I had enough of that and was expecting to get to the part where she finds love and romance and all the sweeping off her feet things.


Forty six more pages ahead and you can already predict Molly's going to end up with Cameron. IMHO, there was just too much build up for this. I hoped she was going to be swept off her feet and it just didn’t happen like that. I still can’t bond with her, she is too bitter, negative, cynic and sarcastic for my taste at this point.


Almost halfway into the book and I kept wondering when were they going to fall in love à la Meg and Tom? I kept reading but you get to page 241 and she still hasn't fallen in love with Cameron! Seriously? It just took too long.


What Nora Knew tried to be a tribute to Nora Ephron but plot wise it wasn’t. The author kept referring to Sleepless in Seattle, as if with that Ephron would be honored. But the constant mentions of Sleepless in Seattle turned out to be trite, dreadful and annoying. The more you read the words "Sleepless in Seattle", the less this book felt like Sleepless in Seattle. (See what I mean? How did you feel when reading sleepless in seattle so much in one paragraph? Now you know the feeling when you read it in the book!)


I was glad when I finally finished this book. The end was too predictable for my taste. The story had a lot of potential but it just didn’t have the Nora Ephron charm.


I didn’t get the romance it was supposed to have. In Nora Ephron's stories you want to be the girl in the story. This didn't happen to me with Linda Yellin's story. It sure had short laughable moments and quotes in the midst of all, but that was it. I wouldn’t expect a box office hit from this book either.


If you want a light quick funny-ish read to pass the time What Nora Knew is for you. I do have to say you won’t get a Meg-and-Tom-movie love story but it’s ok to pass the time and carry on.


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