Dark Hunger - Christine Feehan

I only "read" this for bookish bingo.

First graphic novel I've ever read. Not sure I chose the right one to be the first in this genre.

The illustrations weren't that good IMHO. The text was too little and I had to guess some words. The dude didn't do it for me, physically, hahaha. Only thing I liked was Solange's haircut.

The story didn't do it for me. Weird insta-possessive-love is not my cup of tea. The idea of total submission is not my idea of romance. I like my vampires being vampires and shape-shifters being shape-shifters. The 2 MCs are some sort of weird hybrids that can apparently do it all.

idk animated GIF

I'm sure the superfans would like this, I mean, this is #14 in a series, so they must love it. As for me, I wasn't so crazy about it. I give it 1.5 stars because 1 means I hate it in my scale. I didn't hate this but it can't be an OK 2 star read either. So 1.5 stars it is.


As for the reading experience, I will look forward to other graphic novels in my future because it's nice to add variety to my bookshelves.