Bookish Question: Kindle for Android


Hi guys, they stole my android cellphone this past weekend. :(


I had the Kindle for Android app on that phone. I blocked the sim card immediately through my carrier. They gave me a new sim card for a new phone already. I changed all passwords from all my accounts including my amazon account for which I also changed the email and stuff. I de-registered my phone from my kindle devices. I've tried to locate my phone but it hasn't been online, either way I already sent the lock and erase notification. But the thieves still have all my pics and books and stuff on the SD card. :(


My question is: do you guys know if what I did was enough, or the thieves can still access my wonderful kindle library on that phone?


My question must sound stupid for some, but after what I went through this weekend I'm allowed to feel a little paranoid and ask stupid questions. :(


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