Bad Will Hunting by Heather Wardell

Bad Will Hunting (Seven Exes series Book 2) - Heather Wardell

Bad Will Hunting is the second book I’ve read from author Heather Wardell. And once again I wasn’t disappointed. Last year I read Fifty Million Reasons, Book #13 from her Toronto Series, which I enjoyed reading.

Bad Will Hunting is Book #2 from Wardell’s Seven Exes Series. Even though it’s a sequel, it is written so that it can be a standalone. I haven’t read book #1 (99% off Kindle btw) in this series and I found that there is enough information to fill you in on the first book’s major events. You don’t feel left out or in limbo as to what is happening.

The writing is fast paced and it has a very good balance between humor and drama to keep you wanting to read the book until the end. There’s a love story, predictable but a feel good one, a love story you are rooting to happen as you read the book. The characters are relatable, even though because of the background reality TV story, they would appeal more to those 20-30-something year old readers, the story contains valuable advice for adult readers regardless of their age group.

The cover, to tell you the truth, I didn’t like it at first glance. More about this on the full review on my blog.

In Bad Will Hunting, we meet Ashley as she comes back from “the island” where she was a contestant in a famous TV dating “reality show” where she was portrayed as the crazy angry chic on the show. If you’ve watched those famous dating reality shows of our times you know what I mean.

Ashley is so hurt about this that she’s hungry for revenge on the producers. On her flight back home, she meets Will, an attorney who agrees to help her. Ashley trusted this guy but was soon after deceived by him and if that was not enough he goes MIA. This infuriates Ashley even more. As if she didn’t have enough on her emotional plate, Ashley feels she also needs revenge on Will too. And so begins her journey (as they say on those reality shows) to find Will and get her reputation straightened up.

I know a lot of people when they hear or read “reality show” get misled. Don’t be fooled about the reality show-revenge plot or the hunting of “Will” the character plot of this book. This book is so much more than that. It has a depth you wouldn’t expect in a story based on those simple looking premises.nThere is more to Ashley than just an apparently angry empty-headed TV character.

Bad Will Hunting is a book that gives the reader hope. Hope that in the midst of negativity, there is always a way to find happiness. A good reminder that everything shall pass. It is full of life lessons. More about this on the full review on my blog.

Bad Will Hunting is a good read, one that I would catalog in my “Women’s Fiction with a plus” shelf. This is a perfect read for Spring or Summer. If you’re in the mood for a realistic uplifting story that will shake your life and give you hope, this is the book for you. A good read for book clubs or classrooms, as interesting discussions on anger management can surge from this story.

I feel grateful for the opportunity given to read this book, it is a story that I know I will always remember, and will read again when I need a little reminder of hope in my life. I’m looking forward to book #3 in this series, which is coming out soon this year and other work from Heather Wardell.


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