Lucky Us by Amy Bloom

Lucky Us: A Novel - Amy Bloom
According to the rave reviews and book summary, Lucky Us by Amy Bloom is the story of Iris and Eva, two sisters who lived in the Hollywoodesque 1940s environment. I got the idea it was going to be a Thelma & Louise story of some sort, or an unforgettable story about the unbreakable bond between two sisters, but I should’ve paid attention to one line in the book description that said: “story of our fragile, absurd, heroic species.”

I didn’t find anything fragile or heroic in this book. Absurd, that is the key word in all of this. This book didn’t meet my expectations. It was supposed to be the story of two sisters, but it ended up being only about one sister. The premise was great, half-sisters who fly away from the nest but instead of living amazing adventures together, they end up facing their new lives apart.

It sounded good but overall it just felt like the author had a bunch of odd and pointless story lines that she tried to intertwine but failed at it. There’s a lesbian relationship, the failed movie star career, an orphan kid they kidnap/adopt and no authority seems to mind, their father’s love story with the jazz singer, a guy who turns out to be a German spy, to name a few.

The change in narration was a big fail. The transition between first person narration (Eva), third person narration and letters from Iris was odd and somewhat confusing. The setting could have been fabulous with that old Hollywood glamour and jazzy ambiance, but it felt like it was wasted. The characters, I couldn’t find a single one I could relate to. And the ending, it was so rushed and sudden. It felt like the author got tired and wrote “the end” to get it over with.

The cover is a good book cover. I like it a lot. It looks magical and intriguing. Unfortunately, it has no relation to the story, or at least I was so dulled and bored by this book that I couldn’t find any relation between the story and the cover. In the end this book wasn’t my cup of Joe.

I never say don’t read this, because in the end you guys are free to read what you please, and maybe the final printed copy of this book was edited and better than the advanced readers copy I read. But if my word counts a little, you can find more engaging reads in the vast ocean of published books. If you are going to read it, borrow it from a friend or library, trust me, it will be money well saved.

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