In the Mirror by Kaira Rouda

In the Mirror - Kaira Rouda

In the Mirror is the first book by Kaira Rouda that I read. It is the story of Jennifer, a young woman who has it all, a devoted husband, two adorable toddlers, a loving family, caring and dear friends, a successful business but in the midst of all those blessings, she also has cancer.

We meet Jennifer at a facility for sick and terminal patients, where no expense is spared so she can undergo the latest treatment to beat her illness. Throughout the book, we follow Jennifer as she narrates the ups and downs of her life as a woman who wants to feel acknowledged as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend instead of a cancer patient.

In the Mirror is an easy, fast paced book that can be read in one sitting. Unfortunately in our days, it’s rare to find a person who hasn’t been affected directly or indirectly by cancer. There are many books about this topic out there. The cancer theme is respectfully and realistically portrayed in this book. This story is an insightful window into the mind of a cancer patient. It is not a heart-wrenching story, like the blurb of the book said, but it shows you all the possible train of thoughts and emotions a cancer warrior can go through. It is a story that makes you reflect on what you would do if you were not only in the main character’s shoes but in each of the rest of the characters’ shoes.

All of the characters were real and believable. They were not perfect, especially Alex and Julie. Those two are pretty despicable. I was glad that at least one of them turned around and made amends. Jennifer was a likable character. I disagreed with some of her reactions and decisions but they are justified, after all, dealing with the fact that your days on this earth are counted is not something everyone can handle. There are no rules as to how someone has to handle this situation. In my humble opinion, she was doing as best as expected until she let her mind get tangled with her past.

There are many lessons one can take from this book. For more about this check out the full review on my blog.

The ending surprised me.

I am still undecided to choose between the happy or sad ending. The cover would make sense if I one chooses the happy ending. I’m leaning more to the sad one regardless if it makes me look like a pessimist, but it’s the ending that I think will give closure to Jennifer’s cathartic journey.

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In the Mirror is a good read. It wasn’t that painful to me but I can see it may be an emotional ride to some readers. A good story for book clubs to discuss subjects such as terminal illness and its strain on marriage, infidelity, relationships, revenge, sibling rivalry, stages of grief, friendship and parenting.



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