Get Bunny Love

Get Bunny Love - Kathleen Long Fast paced romantic comedy. Yes it's predictable, but with a title and a book cover like that, you know you won't expect an Austen-ish piece of literature. If you need to take your mind off things and have a nice time reading about how two opposites attract, this book is for you.

Personally, I thought Bunny was a little over the top annoying at times. The woman didn't understand the meaning of boundaries. No one in their right mind would go ahead and change the boss' things on the first day of work. The woman had no manners and no knowledge about feng shui. Feng shui is not about putting plants everywhere and moving furniture around only. The bunny slippers on the employees deal was too much. It would've been nice if it stayed as a Bunny thing only.

Nate was charming until he chose the dog costume. I mean, he was the CEO and sure, he was a little too uptight, but he didn't have to go to that extent to prove Bunny he could be fun and quirky.

The dog event...please!!! ridiculous.

It was an OK read. Fast, fun, quirky and free. :)