The Woman in White (Penguin Classics)

The Woman in White - Wilkie Collins, Matthew Sweet How do you review a literary classic? Once again I'm only reviewing as a plain reader point of view. I really liked this book. That's why I gave it four stars. Didn't give if 5 stars only because the first epoch gave me a hard time.

I praise Wilkie Collins' work in this book. How he managed to write from so many different points of view, still intrigues me. Every narrator had his or her own writting style and personality and never did they get mixed up.

I only had a hard time with the first part. Walter was way too poetic and rambled too much for my taste. Don't mean to be a feminist, but when it got to Marian's part of the story, that's where I got hooked. I want to read the first epoch again, now that I know Walter more, maybe if I re-read it I can see what I couldn't see about him the first time around.

I imagine the readers when this was first published as a newspaper serial, they must've been thrilled and dying to read the next part. That's how I felt after getting through with the first epoch.

The plot was very good. Not getting into details so I won't spoil your fun. It had all the twists and turns to make this a very enjoyable read. I liked that when I thought everything would or could be solved, there came a new twist. Just remember this was written in an era were there was no CSI or advanced forensic gadgets. Some twists and turns are guessable but despite of that they are enjoyable.

As for the characters, they play their part like they should. I hated Percival right from were he appears. Fosco gave me the creeps. I still picture him in my head and ewww he can't deny his two faced creepy personality. I wanted to slap Uncle Fairlie, he got on my nerves. Laura was your naive 1800's damsel in distress, Walter was OK (I like my men more manly than poetic he he) and Marian was the wonderwoman ahead of her time. The Woman in White appears right from the beginning and the mystery behind her captures you right away. I would've liked it more if she had more appearances than the ones she had in the story.

If you're into long reads, filled with mistery, drama, treason, tragedy, love, sacrifice and friendship, then The Woman in White is for you.