Chocolate Beach

Chocolate Beach - Julie Carobini I don't like to give bad reviews. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate all the effort and time the author put into their work, I do appreciate it, but sometimes the end product isn't completely enjoyable.
I finished this book just because I don't like to have unfinished business and also in hopes that it would get better in the end. I'm sorry to say it didn't.
The story was too predictable.

I had a hard time trying to like the girl/woman in this story. As for me, the author tried too hard to make her sound quirky cool and fun.
For example, all those references as to what song she listened to and the exact radio station were pointless to me, as I haven't heard the singer nor the stations she mentioned.
As a Gilmore Girls fan, my perception was that the author tried to make this woman a sort of Lorelei Gilmore and failed. I understood this as soon as she made the Gilmore Girls reference and there it hit me.
The "cool" attitude/relationship with kids, her "Sookie" like friend, her relationship with her "fancy" mother in law (like Lorelei and her mom), her "cool" dress code, etc. I'm sorry but Lorelei can't be copied.

As for me, the only thing that saves this book is the recipes in the end.
It sounds interesting to cook with chocolate.
I already tried the chocolate chili recipe and it was good. (After reading of how good and tasty it was, of course I had to try it. )
Will try the other recipes.

So this is what I think of this.
To the other readers I'm not saying don't read it.
Au contraire, read it, and you be the ones to decide what the book does for you. ;)