Short Friending Meme

Been reading this meme on my timeline and wanted to join the bandwagon. :)



Name: MJ

Age: 36

Location: Honduras

When did you learn to read? I don't know exactly but it must have been at pre-school age. I come from a family of readers (my parents are both doctors). My parents don't have millions in the bank, but they do have lots and lots of books! I was my mother's first child and she taught me how to read. Actually I didn't go to pre-school because I knew how to read.


I'll tell you the story: I got into first grade a year ahead. Being a lonely child my mother taught me everything she could. When my parents decided it was time for me to go to school, we went there, we entered the principal's office, I sat beside my mother and as they talked, the stuff parents talk to their daughter's possible future school principal, I picked up the newspaper and started reading it. My mom says the lady stared at me and asked me what I was doing? I said "Reading the newspaper." She asked me some more questions about what I was reading and after some paperwork I was enrolled to start the first grade. The end. :)


Favorite book genres: I can't say I have a favorite genre. I try not to stick with only one. I've enjoyed reading: Fiction: Historical, science, humor, romance, legend, fantasy, adventure, suspense, thriller, mystery, realistic, short story, YA, tragedy. Non-fiction: Memoirs, Autobiographies.


Do you write as well? No, I respect the craft and I know it's not something anyone can brilliantly do.


Do you read fanfiction? Nope. Haven't tried to.


Other interests: I no particular order: art, music, food, cooking, baking, dancing, blogging, gardening, traveling, working out, my pets, movies.



This was fun, hope you guys do it too! :)