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Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell

I don't know why I hadn't updated this one.


I'm done with the first part. It's my favorite part. Scarlett is so young and naive. She thinks she's a tough cookie that can rule the world! You have to love her!


I'm so glad of how far women have come over the years. It's so ironic to read of how women had to play dumb, had no public opinion, followed bogus unconventional rules (wear dark clothes after marrying and sit with the old ladies no matter how much you want to dance the night away to name one) and yet they were the ones CEO-ing the plantations and households. And during the war they were the ones practically running the show while the men went to the battlefield to get injured or killed. Power to Estrogen!!! LOL


I liked reading this one 15 years ago and I'm liking reading this one now. Scarlett just moved to Atlanta. I'll keep you posted.