A Month in My Bookshelf | June 2014




Summer came and once again I broke my reading record. Seven books! I'm still surprised. I've managed to squeeze more reading time because I'm not working this summer.


I always try to read one classic each month, but even though I started reading Treasure Island, I couldn't finish it in June as I was busy finishing my other books.


I went around the world in June. I started in England were I sadly said good-bye to Rachel. Then I went to Canada, where I learned a good lesson with Angela on what to do if I ever get so lucky to win 50 million dollars in the lottery. After Canada I went to Chicago to learn some new recipes from Leah Eskin. After Chicago I went to Spain on an awkward, weird and uncomfortable biking trip, with 3 of the most abnormal characters I've read about. Luckily after the bad, came the good when I went to a Gatlin, South Carolina where I met people with supernatural "powers". Then I spent a lovely time in Ruby's flower shop learning about flowers and witnessing her healing process. And finally I followed Alma all over the world: England, South America, Philadelphia, Tahiti and Amsterdam.


I don't know about you, but as for me, it has been a nice summer.


Happy Summer Reading! 'Til next month!

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