The Most Beautiful Girl by Tamara Saviano

The Most Beautiful Girl: A True Story of a Dad, A Daughter and the Healing Power of Music - Tamara Saviano

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The Most Beautiful Girl is Tamara Saviano’s memoir. I must say I didn’t know who she was when I requested the advanced reader copy of this book, but now I know.

This is a fast read. I gave it 3 stars because I had a hard time getting into it. To begin with, I felt like there was too much intro, too many forewords. It felt like it took forever to get to chapter one.

Also, it’s not the life changing page turning story the people in the foreword claim it is. I suppose people in the music business feel very strongly about Saviano’s story, but I don’t think us regular readers can see what they claim in all that praise.

I don’t mean to be rude but it just felt like she kept going and going on the fact that her dad was an alcoholic. I felt like she wanted people to feel sorry for her for that. She didn’t have that hard of a childhood despite her father’s illness. And he wasn’t that bad monster you would expect him to be. Her dad’s alcoholism doesn’t justify her bad decisions in life. And without spoiling the read for anyone, I can say that her alcoholic father was not the man who hurt her. In my humble opinion, she owes Mr. Ruditys her music background, her love for music and her skill to appreciate the art of music, the tools with which she makes a living today.

This book is full of song lyrics. Too many for my taste. This book is definitely for connoisseurs of folk and country music.

Even though the story with her dad didn’t move me,the unfortunate set of events regarding her daughter were the ones that saved this book from getting only 2 stars. A child’s suffering is something hard to read, and knowing that it is a real life story made an impression on me. You think you have a hard life, but when you read other people’s struggles and how they overcome them, you can only say: “You know what? My life is dandy!”

The Most Beautiful Girl is an interesting read. Definitely for those who know who was who in the Nashville music business in the 70’s and of course for those who know who Tamara Saviano is.


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