Fifty Million Reasons by Heather Wardell

Fifty Million Reasons - Heather Wardell

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Fifty Million Reasons is the thirteenth book of Heather WardellHeather Wardell’s Toronto Series. This is the first book from that author that I read. I don’t know if her other books are related but as far as my reading experience goes, I can say that this one is written so it can be a standalone.

In Fifty Million Reasons we meet Angela, a single young woman living in Toronto. Her life is fine and you might say normal. She loves her family and friends, and she enjoys doing random acts of kindness without expecting anything in return.

Maybe it was her lucky bonsai trees or life trying to reward her for her good deeds or just plain old luck but Angela scored big winning the lottery. She won 50 million dollars!

Such a huge sum of money is life-changing. But Angela’s first thought was that her new financial status was not going to change her. She knew her life was set and that now she would finally be able to help her friends and family without any trouble. Or so she thought.

Winning the lottery takes Angela on a journey to discover the truth about the people in her life. The lottery is an eye-opener for Angela and she gets to know who really loves and respects her and who only wants to take advantage of her winnings.

Fifty Million Reasons is a fast-paced book, with relatable characters and current events that keep you entertained and interested. It’s a good book about friendships regardless the person’s age, family values, greed, generosity and love. It could be a nice easy read for book clubs, a side read or a book in between long intense ones. It’s a book that makes you ponder and definitely leaves you thinking about what you would do if you won 50 million dollars.

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